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In this technological age, where digital reminders can be accessed easily, the convenient sticky pad still has not lost its place. Whether it is in the office where you need a visual reminder for that important task to complete or even at home where it can be used as notes to family members, sticky pads are great to organize yourself. If you’re looking for sticky pads that are personalized to your brand, look no further.

‘Make Your Pads Stand Out’

Motomax is at your service. Our company embodies the tradition for quality, dedication and creativity. Starting with a small range of products in 2004, Motomax has grown over the years, manufacturing customized sticky pads, labels, notebooks as well as supplying stationery and providing printing services.

A staple in offices, sticky pads have been used by many companies as promotional tool, as they effectively get your business name and message to your customers at amazingly reasonable price. Sticky pads can also be presented as gifts to customers and suppliers as goodwill gestures. No matter the colour, size or even thickness of the pad, we’ll deliver it with your brand image printed, personalized to your requirements and budget.

Our products are made and printed in Malaysia, utilizing German technologies and advanced print processes for superior quality. Motomax’s sticky pads adhere firmly but do not leave any residue behind. They are also reusable so you can re-stick your notes as many times as you want.
Our products are designed with eco-friendliness in mind. We use soy-ink as it is a renewable source and it helps save the environment in the long run. In addition, our products are made with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)-certified paper. Using our eco-friendly products in your business helps to make a statement that you are committed to reducing impact and carbon footprint on the environment.
Motomax maintains and builds its clientele by providing personalized services based on our comprehensive understanding of our clients’ current and future needs. Through the years of service, we pride ourselves in providing unsurpassed quality, reliable service, quick delivery and competitive pricing. We have served clients all over Malaysia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia and Australia.

‘Think Sticky Pads, Think Motomax.’


  • Motomax aspires to be regarded as the benchmark for superior paper products and outstanding services.


  • We are committed towards providing you with products and services of the utmost quality in a timely manner at very competitive prices.
  • We strive to create valued long-term business relationships with our clients and suppliers. By showing that we care about our clients’ business, we believe we will consistently be their supplier of choice.
  • We are dedicated to constantly provide excellent customer service and always being responsive.
  • We will continue to uphold ethical practices throughout the company and ensure that we conduct our business with utmost integrity.
  • Through our efficient processes and utilization of renewable materials, we strive to do our part in reducing environmental footprint.


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